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A Digital Forensic Company

Offering tailored solutions from the acquisition, analysis and presentation of electronic data involved in computer and IT investigations and litigation support.

Forward Thinking

In the world of information and technology keeping up with the times is just not enough, which is why we stay a step ahead of the rest.

Problem Solvers

Collecting, identifying, classifying and analysing digital evidence related to criminal or civil investigations, basically we find and help you address your problems.

Technical Support

We address advanced questions and problems related to digital forensics, offer consulting services for Forensic Investigations and technical support.

Our Story

At Risk Diversion Digital we are all about Digital Forensics, this includes Computer Forensics, Cell phone and Mobile Device Forensics, Solid State Forensic and Network Forensic Investigations. We provide a wide range of Digital Forensic Services and Products to support the Forensic Industry, Auditing Fraternity, ICT Sector, Corporate Organizations and Law Enforcement. Our investigative services assist forensic investigations in criminal, civil as well as internal disciplinary cases. By delivering consistent high quality cyber forensic services, products and computer forensic training to our clients throughout Southern Africa; Risk Diversion Digital is truly “your trusted forensic partner”.

We are geared to conduct Computer Forensic Investigations that will enhance traditional investigations and Computer Security incidents. The importance of digital evidence in today’s corporate environment as a source of information is not fully realized.

Evidence which is now freely available, such as e-mails, social media sites, websites visited and other sources of data are included in the analysis provided by Risk Diversion. Our Computer Forensic capabilities have been court tested and Risk Diversion is constantly conducting research in the field of Computer Forensics to enable our competitive advantage.

Risk Diversion Digital

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We have been working with law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector to secure and track criminal behavior for more than a decade. At Risk Diversion digital we are focused on providing professional digital forensic services with a quick turnaround time at a cost that provides value for money.

We also provide digital forensic training and products that enables investigators to process and extract valuable information from computers and mobile devices in a timely manner while preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence

Our team of professional digital forensic investigator and trainers will give you an advantage over the criminal due to our experience and sate of the art equipment’s. We have been leading the way in the field of Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, Data Recovery and eDiscovery in Southern Africa for over a decade.

With technology rapidly advancing technology, we understand that it is necessary to remain current with the most cutting-edge digital forensics equipment and techniques. That is why we have partnered with industry leaders in the digital forensic world to make sure our clients receive the best service and the very latest technology.


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