Digital Forensics

“Data is the foundation of Digital Business. Every touch point, every click, every byte of digital exhaust.”

– R “Ray” Wang



Risk Diversion Digital provides expert digital forensic services for investigators, businesses, law enforcement and individuals. Our examiners are experienced with a solid track record dealing with computer forensics techniques and methodologies accepted in the prosecution of criminal cases.

If data is still present, even in a cases of a hardware failure, there is very little limit to what our team of forensics experts can dig up. Whether you need to recover electronic communications, analyze connections between electronic communication devices, authenticate electronic documents, and determine computer activity or usage patterns, identify specific information on a computer system or computer forensic examinations.


Our services include but not limited to:

  • Computer and related peripherals forensics | Computer, Server, Network, Appliance
  • Cell phone and Mobile Device Forensics | GPS, Media Player
  • eDiscovery and legal Hold | Data Mining, Anton Pillar, Litigation Support, and F.I.R.S.T
  • ICT Audit | Information Security Audit, Information Technology Audit, Software Application Audit, Infrastructure Audit, Security Risk Assessment
  • Offensive Security Assessment
  • Consulting services for Forensic Investigations
  • Fraud Prevention and Fraud Response
  • Data loss Prevention
  • Corporate Counter Intelligence and Counter Espionage
  • Forensic Readiness Program
  • Hardware and software Keylooger Investigation
  • Malware Analysis
  • Phishing Investigation
  • Forensic Search

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